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How are your employees using AI in the workplace? Do you know? 

Businesses that don't have a generative AI policy are putting themselves at risk. Without one in place, employees may:

  • Share personal or confidential information with a large language model.
  • Unintentionally produce biased, harmful, misleading or inappropriate work.
  • Unknowingly publish inaccurate or subpar work.
  • Threaten brand reputation and client trust.
  • Jeopardize intellectual property.

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Our sample policy has two parts: an internal policy for communicating AI use and guidelines to team members, plus an external policy for communicating AI use and guidelines to clients.

How to Use This Template

  • This AI policy has been drafted for Randall Pine, a B2B marketing consulting and services agency. Please update it to reflect your organization’s approach, use and values.  
  • This is a limited-use policy, which means that generative AI tools may be used for some tasks and in certain ways.
  • This policy is not a legal document, and it is not legal advice. Contact an attorney for guidance, and update your contract language accordingly.

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